Resourcing large scale litigation is challenging

Large scale litigation or remediation programs are:

• Resource intensive. While you may operate with a lean team, you must always provide clients with full service – and that requires presenting the right team.
• Competitive. If your firm isn’t geared to manage class actions and large-scale project based litigation, you risk being overlooked, even by your regular clients; and
• Expensive. Sustaining a specialised senior resource beyond an individual litigation can create a major financial burden.

We offer project-based “no strings attached” specialist litigation services

We provide law firms with specialist litigation services for complex and large scale litigation and remediation programs Our unique resourcing model enables us to help you:

• fill your resourcing gaps by joining your team on a project basis;
• deliver a full service on a profitable basis but without the financial burden. We’ll help you to maintain and strengthen your ‘trusted adviser’ status with your clients on a profitable basis but without any strings attached or long term expectations.
• provide deep expertise that builds your competitive advantage. We offer nearly 15 years’ experience and expertise honed at top tier law firms in acting for multi-national corporations in “bet the company” class actions and remediation programs relating to financial institutions, pharmaceutical products, the automotive industry, allegedly defective products, toxic waste and agribusiness.

We would be glad to discuss how you could leverage our expertise and flexible model to deliver efficient and effective outcomes to your clients.

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