Large scale litigation brings organisational challenges

We appreciate that large scale litigation and claims management can be challenging because:

  • Your organisation and team are not adequately resourced for litigation of this size and complexity;
  • Outsourcing control can be extremely costly and neglect your organisation’s commercial objectives; and
  • Your organisation’s reputation and bottom line are at risk – you need to navigate wisely.

We offer cost-effective litigation management solutions

We provide litigation management solutions to ASX Top 200 companies, government organisations and law firms, focusing on class actions, large-scale litigations and remediation programs.

We can join your team as ‘in-house’ litigation counsel, enabling us to understand your commercial objectives and help you manage your litigation – but only as and when you need it. This means that we can:

  • Be commercially focused – tailoring our offering to meet your immediate commercial objectives and long-term goals;
  • Free up your resources – because we provide efficiencies in managing your litigation, the rest of your team can continue to focus on core business; and
  • Provide cost-effective expert advice – by assisting you only when the life cycle of the litigation demands and without charging you for the usual law firm overheads.

If you are concerned about protecting your organisation’s value and reputation, contact us to set up an initial no-cost strategy consultation to assess and advise on your current litigation approach.

Need expert, cost-effective litigation support?

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